I help kink educators build an audience without relying on FetLife.

Maybe you’ve considered reaching out to coaches, consultants, or other professionals before, but how much will you have to explain to them?

You can be authentic with me because I’m a kinkster too! I’m dedicated to helping kink educators share their experiences and skills.

You know that building a website and creating a mailing list is helpful, but that tech can be so overwhelming.

We can figure out what you need together, and I walk you through everything! You can be as involved or as hands-off as you want to be.

Whether you’ve been teaching for two weeks or twenty years, it can difficult to know whether you’re really having the impact that you desire.

Together, we can examine what impact you want to have, and use tools such as Google Analytics and detailed feedback forms to truly understand how your work affects the community.

Ready to get started? Check out what services I can use to help you, or schedule a free consultation right now.